Meet Michelle.

Michelle is a professional photographer, retoucher, designer, and web developer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

More Backstory.

Michelle was born in Flint and has been a native of Swartz Creek, Michigan most of her life.

She has had a detailed career as a musician and has had the opportunity to travel and perform across Europe. From performing in orchestra halls in Paris, to performing in piazzas in Italy, churches and cathedrals in Spain, and on historically the longest boats in Denmark, this gives a small glimpse of places Michelle has performed classical music for.

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Performance from Michigan State University. While a student, she took 2nd place in the MSU Running Start Music Business Pitch Competition for her new music ensemble The _____ Experiment. As an ensemble, they debuted a professionally recorded album. Her time in college is where she invested her time and focus more into photography. She took photos of many of her classmates for graduation photos or for headshots. Eventually, this pushed her niche in being more of a musician’s photographer and a go-to for several artists.

Previously, Michelle was a marketing and design specialist at a manufacturing and engineering corporation in Michigan, where she had the opportunity to design full scale marketing campaigns, graphic design materials, and industrial photography. She also loves learning and technology and is working on a computer science degree from Oregon State University. (Go Beavs!). Michelle married the love of her life in June 2021. They both care for a loving and chonky cat named Squiggles.

A Box Truck I designed at work

My husband proposing at Disney World


...aaand (even) more than you asked for.

Favorite Music: Deftones, Radiohead, Weezer, Emma Ruth Rundle, Chelsea Wolfe, Billie Eilish, Third Eye Blind, techno/club music, prog/art rock/ alt metal.

Favorite Movies: Pride & Prejudice, Theory of Everything, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (or Tarantino films in general), and rom-coms. 

Favorite Books: Self-help, informational, young adult fiction

Favorite TV: Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Black Mirror, Letterkenny, Kim's Convenience

Fun Fact: I released my debut album with my chamber music ensemble on Spotify/iTunes. You can listen here.

Places I’ve traveled (mostly as a performing musician): Austria, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Canada, Several US states coast to coast.

Hobbies: Learning web design, weightlifting, making music with Logic Pro X, & spending too much time on TikTok. Oh, and having an unhealthy and unapologetic interest in Justin Trudeau .🍁

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